czwartek, 23 września 2010

23rd of September 2010, Start

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. This blog was created especially for those who seek new good music to listen to. I will share my music recommendations a few times every week. Sometimes it will be a single song, sometimes a whole album. I will try to cover many different genres, although it's very difficult to satisfy everyone's needs. If any of you folks would want to share something too, I encourage you to comment.

The great thing about music is it's diversity. Almost everyone on the planet has his favorite kind. This has always been an issue, leading to many arguments. Arguing politely and reasonably is good. But on the Internet, people tend to insult each other instead of speaking like they would with a person they know. While commenting, please have that in mind.

Long story short, if you like to get quality music recommendations, check this blog a few times every week. Feedback is very welcome. Next song I will write about: Mountain - Mississippi Queen.

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